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School Aims

School Motto - "Grasp Principles, Cultivate Virtues" (明道立德)






School Hymn



Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a holistic education based on Taoism, placing equal emphasis on students’ moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic development. In accordance with our motto "Grasp Principles, Cultivate Virtues", we are dedicated to helping students develop moral integrity and academic excellence.



Our Commitments

  1. To help students cultivate a positive attitude towards life
  2. To develop students’ ability for life-long learning and help them achieve their full potential
  3. To integrate physical education into daily life and inculcate the value of good health
  4. To promote ‘One Art for Life’ and foster students’ interest in co-curricular activities
  5. To nurture their spirit of mutual help and serving the community



Curriculum, Teacher Qualifications & Facilities

  • Our education takes a holistic approach, with emphasis on moral education, the teaching of languages and subject knowledge. 
  • Apart from the core subjects, students can choose three elective subjects according to their interest and abilities. Students may also take Japanese Language as their fourth elective subject.
  • All our teachers have acquired at least a Bachelor’s Degree. They are experienced in teaching.
  • Multi-media equipment is richly provided to facilitate e-learning.
  • Our school is well-equipped with educational facilities. There are English Corner, Lecture Theatre, School History Gallery, Nature Trail, Art Gallery, Culture Gallery, Campus TV Studio, Dance Studio, PTA Room, Roof Garden and Solar Powered Meteorological Station to cater for diverse interests.



The 6-year curriculum

Secondary 1 to 3

Secondary 4 to 6

English, Chinese, Mathematics, Life and Society,


Science, ICT & STEM, Chinese History, Geography, Life Education, Putonghua,


Music, Visual Arts, Physical Education

Core Subjects:

English, Chinese, Mathematics*, Citizenship and Social Development


* School offers the extended part, Module 1 (Calculus and Statistics) and Module 2 (Algebra and Calculus), for students to choose.


Biology, Chemistry, Physics,

Information and Communication Technology,

Geography, Economics, Chinese History, History, Business, Accounting & Financial Studies,

Chinese Literature, Japanese



Academic Fulfillment

Confucius, "Be insatiable in learning; be tireless in teaching."

We aim at cultivating students’ life-long learning skills. We expect all our graduates to be leaders of tomorrow, possessing profound knowledge.


Curriculum Highlights:

  • The curriculum has been constantly revised to set clearer key learning points and put emphasis on thinking and application in order to boost the learning effectiveness.
  • We focus on improving students’ proficiency in Chinese, English and Mathematics to ensure that they have a strong foundation for learning.


Teaching Strategies

  • We adopt student-centred learning activities to develop students’ thinking skills.
  • We put emphasis on interaction and feedback between students and teachers in order to enhance students’ learning effectiveness.
  • We encourage e-learning in order to strengthen students’ independent and life-long learning skills.
  • We promote STEM education to help students foster their cross-curricular knowledge, raise their creativity and hone their problem-solving skills.


Life-wide Learning

  • We offer reading schemes, project learning, ‘learning beyond the classroom’ and overseas tours in order to help students develop their generic abilities.
  • Life-wide Learning Day: provide other learning opportunities through visits, field studies, cross-border exchange programmes and workshops to broaden students’ horizons and enrich their learning experiences.
  • Design different types of life-wide learning lessons for S.4 students to widen their horizons.


Language Policy

  • English Language is used as the medium of instruction and a variety of language activities are arranged to raise students’ standard of English.
  • Students’ use of English and Chinese is of utmost importance in our language policy. In addition, our students are required to reach the basic competency level in Putonghua.



  • Continuous and formative assessments are held to evaluate student progress in learning so as to give timely feedback and guidance to them. Reports are given out on a bi-monthly basis with the purpose of ascertaining students’ learning outcomes.


Catering for Student Diversity

  • Remedial and enhancement programmes are arranged to consolidate students’ skills and knowledge, and ensure a strong foundation for learning.
  • Gifted programmes and activities are held to provide opportunities for students to reach their full potential.
  • Outstanding students or students with learning progress are commended with awards to advance their learning. 


Academic Performance

  • The results in the HKDSE Examination were impressive. The pass rate in all subjects was 100%. Besides, more than 90% of our students enrolled in local universities to take degree courses through the Joint University Programmes Admissions System (JUPAS).
  • Some of our students attained outstanding results in public exams territory-wide.
  • Many of our students have been admitted to professional courses in local universities, such as Medicine, Global Business, Actuarial Science, Legal Studies and Accounting.
  • The solid foundation given to our students in secondary school helps them achieve further success in their university life. Many graduates gained their degree with First Class Honours.
  • Many of our students were awarded scholarships, such as the Entry Scholarship of various local universities, the Sir Edward Youde Memorial Scholarship, the Hong Kong Jockey Club Scholarship, the Li Po Chun Charitable Trust Fund Scholarship and the Grantham Scholarship.
  • Students have outstanding performance in various competitions of Mathematics, Physics, Information Technology, writing, calligraphy, speech, debate and public speaking.



Moral, Civic and National Education


Moral Education

Xue Xuan, "Never relinquish the heart of benevolence, not even for a fleeting moment."

We put emphasis on enhancing moral calibre. We expect our students to be caring persons and leaders of tomorrow.


Personal Growth Programme

  • Formal and informal curricula are introduced. Through learning, reflection and practices, students are able to develop positive moral values.
  • Moral education activities are promoted in a whole school approach. All teachers cooperate closely to provide all-round care and support for students’ physical, mental and social development.


Life Education

  • The teaching content is set to equip our students with moral principles for life, based on Confucian and Taoist precepts. The moral values are instilled in students by using life examples and stories of great man.
  • The course of Life Education puts emphasis on the relationship between moral education and living. Students are encouraged to lead their lives morally and constantly reflect on their own behaviour and on social issues.


Moral Education Activities

  • Monthly moral themes are set in the following aspects: personal goal setting, self-cultivation, society, the nation and the world. Through taking part in the activities organized in morning assemblies, monthly assemblies and form-teacher periods, students are able to cultivate proper moral values and develop better interpersonal skills.
  • My Learning Journal is designed for students to set self-improvement goals and plans. Students are encouraged to do self-reflection regularly.


Civic and National Education

Dong Lin College, "Keeping abreast of family affairs, national development and current issues is our premier concern."


  • Through classroom teaching and diversified learning activities, students have better understanding on  the development of their own country, “Constitution Law” and “Basic Law”. Students also establish positive values.
  • Students are encouraged to better understand their society and their country so as to enhance the sense of belonging to Hong Kong and our motherland.
  • Through the curricula of "Life Education", "Life and Society" and "Citizenship and Social Development" , students are able to know more about current affairs and Chinese Culture.
  • Raising the national flag and the regional flag, as well as playing and singing the national anthem are arranged on important days and special occasions. Civic and national education activities such as exhibitions and talks are held to help students cultivate their concern and love for our community and country.
  • Through board display, morning speeches, writing activities and discussions on current affairs, students' social awareness is enhanced.
  • Regular visits in the territory and the mainland are arranged to broaden students' horizons.             



Confucius, "Achievements and Growth should not rest with the self; extend them to your fellows."


  • A Service Award Scheme is introduced to encourage students to take an active role to serve the school and the community. Through providing services, students are able to understand that helping others is the foundation of happiness.
  • Voluntary work, such as service visits, fund-raising and flag-selling activities are regularly held by the Social Service Team and the Community Youth Club.
  • A variety of activities are organized by the Elder Academy to extend our love and concern to the elderly.


Our Caring School

Li Ji, "Ren, the highest virtue of all, begins with the love of man."


  • The activities organized by the Counselling Unit, Discipline Unit and Student Support Team encourage the holistic development of students.
  • The Reward and Punishment Scheme is further refined and moral activities are arranged to help students build self-discipline.
  • Class teachers and social workers attend to individual needs of students, giving them care and support.
  • Questionnaires are collected from parents so as to get a better understanding of students’ behaviour at home and provide immediate counselling and guidance for individual student by class teachers.
  • Activities such as the Clean Our School Campaign and workshops are held to cultivate students’ self-management skills.
  • Through activities such as courses, group work and voluntary services, we foster students’ physical and mental well-being and help them develop good interpersonal relationship.
  • A "Big Brothers and Sisters" Scheme has been established to foster a caring environment.
  • Through early identification and intervention, adaptations are made in the aspects of curriculum and assessment to cater to the needs of SEN students. Support measures such as individual guidance, tutorial groups, social skills training groups, speech therapy services, practical skill training groups, as well as personal growth and career planning workshops are arranged to address SEN students’ needs.
  • The Health Education Unit is established to provide general health information and organize activities such as health talks and influenza vaccination programmes for students.



Other Learning Experiences

Friedrich, "Co-curricular activities originate from the curriculum and they in turn enrich it."

The school is committed to providing students with a holistic learning experience. Through diversified activities, students can expand their social circles, gain different knowledge and skills, and develop values that enhance educational, social, behavioral and emotional development.


Leadership Training:

Strengthen students' ability to communicate and cooperate with others through the Outward Bound Training Award Scheme, Adventure Leader Training Program, Prefect Leadership Training Camp, etc. These programmes boost students’ confidence and problem-solving skills, and cultivate their leadership.


Life-wide Learning Day:

Provide other learning opportunities through visits, field studies, cross-border exchange programmes and workshops to broaden students’ horizons and enrich their learning experiences.


The Policy of "One Art for Life":

Encourage students to participate in one or more cultural or artistic activities. In addition to providing diversified musical instrument training classes, the school has also established interest groups such as choirs, dance team and rope skipping team to cultivate students' musical and artistic qualities.


Physical Education:

PE Day is a major annual sporting event for the school. Through participating in either individual or team events, or as sport judges and helpers, students learn sportsmanship, collaboration and team spirit.  It is also a delightful gathering for alumni to share the joy of the day and their memories.


In addition to regular physical education classes at all levels, the school also has different sports groups, such as basketball teams, handball teams, cross-country running teams and rope-skipping teams to enhance students' interest in sports.


Our school takes part in the School Physical Fitness Award Scheme (SPFAS) to promote student participation in regular exercise for good health.


Diversified Extracurricular Activities (ECA):

In order to cultivate students' personal interests and develop their potential, the school organizes a number of sports, music, visual arts and cultural activities, covering different areas such as ball games, musical instruments, dance, rope skipping, calligraphy, and academic competitions. The school has also set up around 40 different types of learning and extracurricular activity groups so as to allow students to choose and develop their strengths according to their personal preferences and abilities.


Academic Groups

Interest Groups

Service Groups

Sports Groups

Chinese Language and Culture Society

Literary Society

English Society

Mathematics Society

Science Society

Chinese History and History Society

Geography Society

ICT and STEM Society

Economics Society

Acapella Group

Astronomy Club

Chess & Board Game Club

Chinese Orchestra


Conservancy Club

Debating Club and Debating Team

Drama and Movie Club

English Debating and Public Speaking Club

English Drama Club

English Reading and Writing Club

Gardening Club

Guitar Ensemble Group

Home Economics Club

Music Club

Photography Club

Recorder Band

Strings Ensemble Group

Visual Arts Club

Community Youth Club

Junior Police Call

Red Cross


Girl Guide

Road Safety Patrol

Prefect Team

Civic Education Society

Social Service Team

Campus TV

Library Service Team

School News Editorial Group

Flag-raising Team

Basketball Team

Badminton Team

Table-Tennis Team

Handball Team

Volleyball Team

Football Team

Dodgeball Team

Swimming Team

Dance Team

U-Dance Team

Rope Skipping Team

Athletics Team

Cross-country Team


Overseas Exchange Programmes:

  • Mainland and overseas exchange programmes are organized to broaden students’ horizons.
  • Students practise English in overseas study tours and boost their language skills.
  • Our school is a sister school of the Beijing No. 2 Secondary School and Huizhou No.8 High School. Regular exchange tours are organized to increase students’ understanding of China’s culture, education and economic development.


STEM Education:

  • Through cross-curricular teaching, STEM education is advocated in order to promote students’ creativity.
  • Programming is included in "Computer Literacy" of junior forms, helping students to develop their foundation in STEM education.
  • Students are encouraged to participate in STEM related activities, such as workshops and competitions.


Career Planning:

  • Give students support in the areas of self-understanding, development of potential, goal-setting and the planning for their future.
  • Equip students with transferable skills that can be applied in their future studies and career.
  • Arrange talks, workshops and visits for students. Provide students and parents with information for further studies such as data about the JUPAS, admission requirements of universities and overseas institutions.
  • Arrange activities such as Mock JUPAS and Mentorship Scheme to enhance students’ awareness of various paths for further studies and their understanding of the world of work.

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