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Mr Lau Chi Yuen (B.Sc., P.C.Ed., M.Sc., M.Ed.) Email: [email protected]

Principal's Message

Good Morning, Colleagues and Students,

Today is the first day of this new academic year.  First of all, I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to our alumni Mr Kelvin Tung-ngai Chan (陳東毅先生), Mr Man-hei Wong (黃民熹先生), Ms Wai-wai Yung (容維維小姐) and Mr. Kai-pong Tsang (曾啓邦先生) for donating 300 thousand dollars annually to our school to be used as scholarships, to encourage students to have diversified development, especially in the STEM-related subjects. Let’s give them a big hand for their generous contributions.

Now I would like to introduce our new teachers.  First, we have Mr Chun-fung Leung (梁振峰老師).  He will be teaching English Language.  The second one – I ‘m sure you all know him; he is Mr Chun-ming Wong (黃俊銘老師). He has become one of our regular teachers this year. The third one is Ms Man-yui Cheung (張雯蕊老師). She is our teaching assistant. This year, we have 2 social workers who take turn to station in our school.  You all know Ms Po-ling Wong (黃寶玲姑娘). The other social worker is Ms. Karon Hiu-ching Lee (李曉晴姑娘). Starting from this year, she will join our big family. So this year, we have at least one social worker giving us support every day.

I’ve been through the most disturbing summer vacation among my 36 years’ teaching experience. Why?  Sensitive political issues have landed different parties of society into unending disputes. We witnessed the conflict between protesters and law enforcers, the row between friends and family members, and the general citizens’ unprecedented level of distrust towards our government. All these are not what we want to see. I hope with the commencement of the new school year, everyone can calm down and be rational; our government can take the initiative to have sincere and sensible communication with the public to seek a way out.  A month’s summer vacation is now over.  I here welcome all of you back to this big family.  I hope all of you will cherish this new academic year, understand the importance of hard work, set both short-term and long-term goals for your academic performance and moral development, fear no hardship, work with determination and resist unhealthy social trends.  I firmly believe that, with perseverance and stamina, receptiveness to teachers’ advice and peer support, you can all be future pillars of society, well-equipped with a noble character, knowledge and vision.

It’s Tang Hin’s 38th year.  For the past years, the school has been providing students with an all-round education, laying equal emphasis on the five aspects: moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic development.  With the joint efforts of both teachers and students, our achievements in various areas of education are encouraging.  I am sure we will continue to climb high and make breakthroughs.

In the eighth HKDSE, our students’ performance is satisfying.  The average pass rate of all the subjects this year is 100.  87.2% of our students attained an average of Level 4 or above while Hong Kong’s average is only 36.5%.  97.6% of our students fulfilled the University Admission Requirement (i.e. 「3322」 or above for the core subjects, plus Level 「2」or above in one elective subject), while Hong Kong’s average is 36.8%.  89.4% of the students attained Level 4 or above in 5 subjects, while Hong Kong’s average is only 21.8%.  98.4% were offered a seat in a local university programme through the Jupas System and 96.7% were offered a place in a degree programme. On average, each student attained 0.49 (Level 5**), 1.14 (Level 5*), 1.61 (Level 5), and 2.51 (Level 4). 56.11% of our students were admitted into the 3 top universities in Hong Kong, namely The University of Hong Kong (HKU), The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CU) and the University of Science and Technology (HKUST).  As we can see, our students’ performance is truly outstanding among all the schools in Hong Kong.  Yet, we should not be complacent about these results as there is still room for improvement in attaining a Level 5 or above in various subjects. Dear students, a bumper harvest stems from years of toil. That means you have to pay a lot of efforts before you can make a good harvest.  Don’t expect windfall!  Instead, you should well prepare yourself for everyday lessons, adopt a serious attitude towards learning, evaluate your performance after each test and examination, set clear goals, build on your strengths and address your weaknesses.  Then, strive hard to make improvement and target excellence.

In the non-academic aspects, our school managed to have a balanced development and scooped a number of significant awards.  We had brilliant performance in different extra-curricular areas like rope-skipping, basketball, volleyball, handball, badminton, table-tennis, music, art design, dancing, drama, debating and recitation.  All these testify to our students’ all-round abilities and tenacity.

Tse Sze-man is one of our students who attempted the DSE 2019. She suffered from severe visual impairment starting from a tender age.  However, she has a tough and independent character, and managed to handle both her daily life affairs and studies very well.  She strove to make breakthroughs despite her physical limitations.  With a view to broadening her learning experience, she had been an active participant in cultural exchange tours and ‘Adventure-Ship’. During the DSE examinations, Sze Man did not need to rely on any special equipment.  The only support for her was adjusting the size of exam papers, the font and the lighting.   In the end, she scored 33 points for her best 5 subjects, a Level 5** in Chinese Language, Liberal Studies and Economics, and was successfully admitted into the University of Science and Technology to study Business Administration.  Dear all, you are enjoying a healthy body.  Do you have the same will and perseverance to fight for your goal?  Can you set for yourself long-term targets and start working hard for them?

This half year, the ‘Extradition Bill’ is of course the talk of the town.  The bill has triggered incessant social turmoil starting from June.  I would not like to discuss the details here.  Instead, I have prepared a video clip about an article by our former Financial Secretary Mr John Tsang. The script has been published in Ming Pao 21st Aug and is now distributed to you all.

In the past few weeks, there have been radical oppositions between the police and the citizens almost every weekend.  I am strongly against using violence to combat violence.  Every time I came across the episodes of violent conflicts on TV news, I would be extremely worried about the safety of those in both camps, the passers-by and the residents in the affected districts.  I wonder if you were involved, or if any student or young people got hurt? I believe things that happened these two months have left many Hong Kong people with sleepless nights.  It’s not easy to break the deadlock.  Let’s put down prejudices, face the problem rationally, and start a sincere communication between the government and the citizens through forgiveness and acceptance.  Now, the government refuses to give any solid replies to people’s demands, the protesters keep on pressing while the police are firmly enforcing law and order based on the instructions of their superiors.  The result is that the police and the protesters hate each other and address each other with humiliating terms like dogs and cockroaches.  Hong Kong people were hurt and the impact is far-reaching.  I believe the truth is very important and at the moment, there is the call for an independent inquiry. Instead of focusing on the actions of the police, it should be an unbiased investigation of the truth, led by personnel who can command public trust.  Only with the truth unfolded can we carve a solution that sooths the hearts of Hong Kong people.  Like what John Tsang said, ‘It’s not a war; there are no enemies; there are only family members.’  Hong Kong people are a family.  It’s time to calm down and seek a way out together. ‘With forgiveness, reconciliation and love, we are capable of revitalizing our city, making this city of ours an even greater place.’

37 years’ struggle puts Tang Hin among the most prestigious secondary schools in Hong Kong.  Our achievements certainly does not stem from a piece of luck.  It’s the fruit of more than 30 years’ resolve, perseverance and perspiration.  Dear students, do remember, success never comes easy.  To be a successful person, good conduct, acceptance, tolerance and human respect are the prerequisites.  Together with clear goals for life, a solid plan to realize them and an unfaltering will for learning, I am sure all the Tanghinians can live up to the line in our school song, 「奮發竟全功」and be leaders of tomorrow.

Thank you!

Lau Chi Yuen
HKTA Tang Hin Memorial Secondary School

2nd September, 2019