TES 2015 (Switzerland)

“Travel is the best way to learn”. In these thirteen days, we really enjoyed and learnt lots of things during the wonderful journey to the beautiful country--Switzerland.

In Switzerland, citizens have high level of awareness of environmental protection and the Swiss government makes a lot of efforts to strike a balance between environmental protection and economic development. They work hand in hand to protect their home. This 'World Garden' is certainly the role model for other countries in learning how to protect their own homes.

The most important thing is for the three youngsters to grow up and become more mature. We spent lots of time to prepare for the trip, from preparing the proposal to interviews, from interviews to the trip, from the trip to returning to Hong Kong, we all along tried our best. During the trip, we learnt to understand one another, to give our hands to one another, to work out solutions instead of escaping from problems.We acquired this kind of 'knowledge' from the journey and the real life but not the textbook.

After returning to Hong Kong, we went through the presentation and interview. And finally, we won three awards including Honourable Mention for Creative Blog Award, Honourable Mention for Best Team Award and Honourable Mention for Best Photo Award. The only thing we want to say to the people who have always supported and stood by us throughout the journey is a big “Thank You”.


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